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Dear Jayne, Raymond, Adam, Damion

Thank you so much for coming to perform at our first Contact the Elderly Tea Party in Wythenshawe. Peoples kindness never ceases to amaze me. The older guests at the Tea Party really enjoyed themselves as did the volunteers.

Bringing together a group of people for the first time and helping them to bond is always difficult. We bring together some of the most socially isolated older people who may have no family or friends , have lost confidence and no longer go out .  Our Tea Parties help to break this isolation . Your playing on the day made a real difference in helping us to do this.

I know everyone  who was there will be talking about it for many months to come .  It is also a first for me as I have not heard of any other Contact Tea Party being entertained  by a String Quartet. Its also set the standard for future Tea Parties!

I am attaching a photo of the day as a little momento. I’m no photographer but I think it just sums up the afternoon .

Thank  you again


Best wishes

Gwen Lightfoot

North West Development Officer

Greater Manchester and Merseyside

Contact The Elderly

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